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Nov 01 2010

New Perspectives

As I approached this photograph, I tried to keep two things in mind. What is my connection to the scene before me? And how do I express my feelings without bringing too much of the medium of photography into the final image.

As I have l become to understand, I tend to be very medium-based in my photography. So I was forced to push those tendencies aside and capture images that I not only connected with but also represent a Pictorial Nature.

I went to a nearby location that has a connection for me. I have photographed here countless times.  However, this time I didn’t approach it with the beauty and grandeur that I normally do.  No need to capture the grand scenic landscape this time.

I limited myself to a fixed focal length lens and tripod in order to slow down and connect with the scene. No fancy techniques, rapid drive-bys, or zoom blurs here.  Additionally, I went in the middle of the day without regard to the dramatic and colorful lighting I would normally seek. My intent was to capture the scene as it is and not force any extrinsic components into the image.

The ability to stand before a scene and capture an image without regard to the commercial viability of the final image or the possibility for public popularity was enlightening.

I was able to let go of the normal aesthetic and formal intents of my usual photography and simply engage the scene and create an image I had in my mind. I didn’t need to worry about whether or not it was of publishable quality or if the gallery would be interested in showing the photograph.

In the end this final photograph came out almost exactly as I had envisioned it in my mind.

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