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Nov 04 2010

Do the work

It’s time…time to jump the rut.  This last year been incredibly busy but I won’t use that as an excuse.  Neither will I complain that my current job doesn’t allow me to carry a camera at all times…not even my iPhone.

Just about every waking moment I spend thinking about light, looking at everything around me for possibilities, pre-visualizing compositions, exploring new techniques (in my mind), reading everything I can get my hands on, etc.

Days and days then pass and I haven’t even created a single photograph.  Not one.  Lack of inspiration is not the culprit.

When I don’t have any external pressure to produce new images I can sometimes go for weeks without taking a photograph.

So I think I’ll force myself to start posting here again more regularly.  Hopefully that will develop into the creation of new photographs.  And if I can’t find anything new, well, then I’ll post something old.

At least the good news is I’m not sure anyone else really looks at these posts.  So if I repeat myself, or repost something old, I will probably be the only one that knows. But hey, at least I’ll be doing the work.

This is not one of those cases where I was pre-visualizing, marvelin at great light, or contemplating a great composition.  I was a passenger.  Along for the ride.  Nothing to see but dust and harsh sunlight.  There aren’t even shadows.

But on this rare occasion I did have my iPhone with me…and ready.  Heck, these days, anytime I can have a camera with me I’m ready, ready for anything.

I saw the camels ahead of the vehicle on the left, braced the iPhone on my shoulder and hoped my timing would suffice.

I like the graphic and simple look.

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